Architecture and Design

"I am not an architect, that's the problem. I am not an architect. For me it's a search, only a search. Search for that unknown that I have not known, neither I know how it will manifest. That's actually the essence of my work. It begins somewhere, ends somewhere. And in that process, I grow and the work grows. We grow together." — Balkrishna V. Doshi

Experiencing architecture, using all the senses. Sensing the space by the size and shape of the spaces, how they sound as you speak, and how the light slides in and bounces around. And then sense the space formed by the building outside, and as you go inside, see also the spaces relate to each other and transition from one to another. Architecture is art. Architecture is a dialogue, between space and senses.

Ongoing Projects

  • Mosque at Kot Diji, Sindh

Projects Completed

  • Thyme Restaurant

  • Danish Residence

  • Lyari General Hospital

  • Kasmani Residence

  • FM91 | Radio 1, DHQ

  • Mr. Khalid Residence

  • N Corp Office Interior Architecture

  • PECHS Girls School

  • Farooq Motors

  • Red Emperor Restaurant Interior Architecture

  • A. Nisar Office Interior Architecture

  • Lalique Fine Crystal Jewelry Outlet

  • F. Sheikh Residence

  • S. Haque Residence Interior Architecture

  • Dr. Sofia Residence

  • FIRMS Mental Health Research Center

  • Tahir A. Khan Residence