Creative Initiatives (CI)

The focus of the CI is an initiative to curate ideas, to collaborate with shared knowledge, and actively participate in urban art initiatives, installations, and visual ethnographic dialogue.

  • The Imagined Museum of Jufelhurst - IVS Alumni Show at IVS Gallery, Karachi. August 2019

  • The Quantum CIty - International Public Art Festival by IAMKHI, curated by Amin Gulgee, Zarmeene Shah & Sara Pagganwala, Karachi. March 2019

  • Arrival City / Seeking Home - Organised by Goethe Institut and curated by Arch. Marvi Mazhar, Karachi. June 2019

  • Paving the Way - Exhibition collaboration with Past Perfect Heritage Management, India. May 2019

  • 'Meet the Chair' - Exhibition by Architecture Students of Karachi University (KU),
    Curated by Arch. Marvi Mazhar and Arch. Salman Javed. At T2F (The Second Floor), Karachi, June 2015.

  • '12 Seconds' - Art Installation for Karachi City of Lights Festival, FOMMA, Karachi. June, 2015

  • 'Dil Phaink' - Set Design - Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre, London, UK. May, 2015

  • 'A Transition, A Displacement' - Art Installation for Sheher e Munn, Pursukoon Karachi.
    displayed at National Academy of Performing Arts & Frere Hall. Karachi. December 2013 (A Collaborative Project with Architect Abdullah Omar Asghar Khan).