Heritage Awareness Program (HAP)

The Heritage Awareness Program (HAP) is a branch of Karkhana operating under the firm, Marvi Mazhar Associates. HAP is creative way of critical thinking and freedom to express emotions after understanding the existing historic built environment and its importance. It is very critical for a well rounded school level education to discuss and share architectural knowledge, cities bye laws, urban concepts, preservation, protection and promoting the existing historical identity. The program has been planned for public and private schools and universities.

HAP is also involved in conducting Heritage Tours and Training. This module is exciting and innovative for reviving the concept of guided tours, story-telling sessions, experiencing and reminiscing while being within these century old spaces.

We promote creative thinking and a better understanding of our built environment for future generations. The introduction of concepts related to cities and architecture at the curriculum would be an excellent foundation to making real improvements to our environment, present and future.

Architecture is everywhere but nobody teaches us how to understand and enjoy the city and all its complexity. We think that teaching from primary to higher educational level how to observe, understand and enjoy the built environment will open their minds towards a more creative way of thinking and prepare them to play an active role as citizens of a sustainable future.

About the Program

  • To create awareness about the Built Heritage
  • To educate about Heritage Values and Systems
  • To understand the complexity and diversity of Urban Metropolitan Cities/Rural/ Old Historic Quarters

Past Events

  1. HAP 1.15 School of Tomorrow: International Education and Cultural Festival, Lahore  4th to 6th November 2016
  2. HAP 1.16 Jufelhurst Secondary School , Karachi 31st August 2016
  3. HAP 1.15 The Dot & The Line , Karachi 14th July 2016
  4. HAP 1.14 The Citizens of Archive of Pakistan, Karachi 17th June 2016
  5. HAP 1.13 Beacon House Karachi, 28th to 29th of November 2015
  6. HAP 1.12 Beacon House Islamabad, 21st to 22nd of November 2015
  7. HAP 1.11 Beacon House Lahore, 14th to 15th of November 2015
  8. HAP 1.10 Abdullah Shah Ghazi Primary/Secondary Girls School, 22nd September 2015
  9. HAP 1.9 Ali Model English School, 2nd September 2015
  10. HAP 1.8 Beacon House Karachi, 17th of August 2015
  11. HAP 1.7 Writers' Club Karachi, 5th of August 2015
  12. HAP 1.6  The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, Karachi 8th of July 2015
  13. HAP 1.5 Gizri Girls Secondary School, Karachi 20th of April.2015
  14. HAP 1.4 Khaldina Girls School, Kharadar, 6th of April, 2015
  15. HAP 1.3 "Introduction to the City and its Heritage" at the Children's Art Festival- Goethe Institute, 29th March 2015
  16. HAP 1.2 Froebel's School, Karachi 16th March 2015
  17. HAP 1.0 Government Schoolof Khairpur, 30th November 2014