Heritage and Restoration

"It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a a mutual concern for the future." — William Murtagh

Heritage is a knowledge, a cultural product and a political resource. Heritage is of fundamental importance to the interests of contemporary cultural and historical geography, which focus on signification, representation and the crucial issue of identity. We document and research tangible and intangible built environments and develop heritage assessment studies to restore and preserve the past.

Ongoing Projects

  • Jamshed Memorial Hall, Karachi

  • Sindh Police Museum, Karachi

  • Odho Haveli, Jacobabad, Sindh

Projects Completed

  • Mosque at Kot Diji, Sindh

  • Jufel Hurst School

  • Sita Ram Building (J.M.B), Karachi, Sindh

  • Muhammad bin Qasim Mosque, Arore Sukkur, Sindh

  • Jufelhurst School, Garden East, Karachi

  • Sobhraj Chetumal Terrace, Saddar, Karachi

  • Documentation Analysis Hyder Bux Jatoi, Hyderbad, Sindh

  • Braganza House, Saddar, Karachi

  • RC 12/90-A, Ranchore Lines, Karachi

  • Documentation Analysis 15 to 17A Berth, East Wharf, KPT

  • Tomb of Khatal Ud Din ( Suhagan)

  • Tomb of Shakarganj (Duhagan)

  • Mir Hamam, Canal, Kot Digi, Sindh

  • DIG House, Sukkur, Sindh

  • Revenue Complex, Khairpur, Sindh

  • NJV School, Saddar, Sindh

  • Commissioner House, Sukkur, Sindh

  • Lalan Building (Muharram Trust), Kharadar, Sindh

  • Lucman Temple, Khairpur, Sindh

  • Burnes Road, Karachi Documentation

  • Railway Cantt, Karachi, Sindh

  • Heritage Bungalow at National Foods Private Ltd.

  • Imam Bargah at Kot Diji, Sindh