Student Internship Program

Internship Program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight in the field of architecture, design, research, restoring historic buildings and urban design. 



Internship at Marvi Mazhar & Associates// PCCC was an enriching experience. It was not only rigorous in terms of field work but was very academically challenging as well.
As a student pursuing Social Development Policy, I learned essential skills of developing research and the methodology to pursue it the right way.
The foremost thing I would love to thank MMA for, is the opportunity to co-author the article: How development undid sea view.
The projects that I really liked working for and was whole heartedly invested in were: The Sea View Development project, Heritage walk activism campaign, and The Arrival City. These projects did not only provide a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by a city like Karachi but gave me the opportunity to engage actively in the discourse around the refugee crisis, development, and heritage.
It was a challenging yet welcoming working environment. I would highly encourage and recommend people to intern at PCCC.
— Ailiya Nooruddin Merchant
The internship proved to be a beneficial and insightful learning experience, allowing me to utilize my skills to the maximum while aiding richly to my learning experience.
The research work has allowed me to expand upon my knowledge bank. The field work has helped me step out and navigate spaces. There has been a lot of work back and forth and it has been challenging to meet the deadlines, however it has bettered my work ethic. The work in itself has been very interesting and the right mix of research as well as going out on the field and interacting real time. There has been a lot of collaborative effort and it has all taught me to navigate spaces as well as being introduced to a diverse set of people who all have some unique insight to offer.
My favorite projects have been working on the exhibition related to the Afghan Refugee crisis and documenting their experience, the collaborative exhibition really bridged gaps between vastly different communities while reflecting on the global refugee and immigrant question.
Researching on mangroves brought back memories from my favorite social studies classes in school, exploring the link of environmental disaster with the unprecedented urban development has awakened a sense of emergency and the idea of doing something towards it.
All in all, from learning about the old town heritage of Karachi to exploring the sea view coastline and questioning the development while asking important questions about the conservation of historic architecture, this internship has enriched my experience and made me a much better, socially aware citizen.
I will not only miss the workplace but all the co interns that I befriended and the rare chance to go explore the city on foot during field visits.
— Armeen Nasim
Interning at Marvi Mazhar and Associate has been a great experience. The interning period helped me in grooming my skills and overall thinking towards a professional environment.
The projects handed to me includes old town mapping, survey of the site and the mapping of JPMC ,which was a great experience and l learnt the true essence of our country through the architecture of old town, getting to know the history of them while interviewing the families residing there.
To me it was a great and meaning full experience and will love to do it again anytime.
— Sunny Joel
Marvi Mazhar & Associates is an esteemed and renowned firm providing opportunities a plenty to potential architects to learn and grow holistically. I have not only learnt through experience but also through observation, on how to put forth and document tasks, how to study and analyze in surveys and much more. The research projects that were delegated to me were of immense significance in terms of my growth. Moreover, I gained an insight of the overall work environment. MMA provides a promising environment for learning and exposure. Overall, my experience was productive and I would love to join you again.
— Shazde Ahmed
This was my first internship at Marvi Mazhar and Associates and it had been an insightful experience. Before, I didn’t had much understanding of software but now I can work on various commands.
During my internship period, I got to know about city mapping and learnt the importance of historic buildings. I worked on two projects, JPMC and an old chowk in Saddar Town. Through my visit to the old quarters, I interviewed different people and took their views regarding the project being carried which was a meaningful experience. I never had the chance of carrying out such survey in University projects.
Moreover the environment at MMA was comfortable and the team was helpful towards the interns. It was a beautiful and learning experience overall.
— Fazila Altaf
Working at Marvi Mazhar’s, provides you with a sound knowledge of how architecture firms operate in the dynamic conditions of a metropolitan city like Karachi. After working at Marvi Mazhar Associates, I gained an understanding and appreciation of architecture in depth that I could not have gained in school otherwise. Moreover, the exposure to sustainability and heritage planning allowed me to decide what particular type of Architecture and design I wanted to pursue. Overall, my time at Marvi Mazhar’s was a positive and fulfilling time with the office team more than willing to assist me along my career.
— Prunia Farrukh
It had been a great experience to work with Marvi Mazhar and Associates, where I got the opportunity to work on architectural design and planning, in a professional setting through various projects of heritage and conservation. Site visits to Halai Residence, Jhufelhurst School and National Foods gave me hands on experience of field work which was very knowledgeable. Participating in the research and archiving of Jufelhurst School and Mangalore Tiles helped in understanding what measures one must take to sensitively approach a conservation project of a heritage building. It had been an honor to get a small glimpse of the HAP, which is an amazing initiative by MMA. In all, I could not have asked for a better internship experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
— Mariam Hanif
Interning for Marvi Mazhar and Associates was a great and an insightful experience where I was a part of documenting the tombs of
Suhagan ,Duhagan and the Mohammad bin Qasim mosque. I got to study the geometry and the complexity involved in its architecture. Interning for Marvi Mazhar and Associates also helped me shape up my thoughts for my thesis as I felt the value and connection in designing for the unprivileged. My thesis was based on a Katchi Abbadi in Islamabad. I visited her during my thesis and worked out most of my work in her library where she helped me be gain a better perspective of the design strategies and practical responsibilities of an architect when it comes to slums. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is knowing that I actually enjoy doing what I have been studying for
— Maaz Khan
Interning with Marvi Mazhar and Associates not only instilled in me great love and pride for our built heritage, it was beyond fun. Would gladly do it all over again!
— Mahnoor Shehzad
You literally went above and beyond to help me out during my internship with you. I love the fact how you are always ready to help your students, you are one great architect to work with. Thank you so much for believing in me and giving me a chance.
— Neha Faruqi
Interning with Marvi Mazhar and Associates helped me realise how a strong and passionate woman can not only survive but get ahead in a clearly male dominating field of career. It was really fun learning about the beautiful heritage outlet country has to offer and I would definitely do it again!
— Yusra Iqbal
My internship at Marvi Mazhar and Associates was an experience that I’ll never forget. It was liberating in all aspects and helped me discover my profound love for heritage and its importance. It is certainly because of my time at the firm that I learned managing practicality and incorporating that with my talent.
— Mahnoor Shah

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