About Us

Marvi Mazhar & Associates is an independent architecture and design studio, nestled under the shade of a Pisonia tree in Karachi, Pakistan. The studio is guided by the principles of regional architecture and specialises in restoring historic buildings, managing conservation assessment studies, and conducting social research and documentation.


Marvi Mazhar (Founder and Principal Architect)
A traveler by choice, a storyteller by default, Marvi Mazhar graduated from the Indus Valley School of Architecture (IVSAA) in 2009 and joined architect Yasmeen Lari's Heritage Foundation. After completing her masters from the University of Turin, Italy, she established her own architecture and design studio, Marvi Mazhar & Associates. Drawing upon methods of visual ethnography, Mazhar has been actively involved with private stakeholders and the government, in the pursuit of conservation and documentation of the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station, the intangible heritage of Thatta and documentation initiative by the name of Historical Bungalow Research (HBR).

In 2014, in affiliation with The Department of Architecture at the IVSAA, Mazhar co-founded The Architectural Design Research Lab (ADRL), a research laboratory devoted to projects within the fields of architecture and urban design. She has served as Director of PeaceNiche, a not-for-profit organization that promotes democratic and conflict resolution through intellectual and cultural engagement. PeaceNiche flagship project, T2F, works in the areas of Arts,
& Culture, Science & Technology, and Advocacy.

In 2016, Mazhar became an appointed member of the Lahore Conservation Society, Karachi Biennale (Outreach Committee) and South Asia Foundation (SAF-Pakistan). Her recent research on Funerary Architecture in Arore and documentation typology of ceramic tiles in different districts supported by the Endowment Fund Trust Preservation (EFT) completed for publication.  As an independent Heritage Consultant, she has collaborated on projects with Arcop, Shahab Ghani & Associates, EFT, Pursukoon Society, Planning, Development and Works Sindh / Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department (PDMI).

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Faryal Sikandar (Architect - External Consultant)
External consultant at Marvi Mazhar Associates, Faryal Sikandar did her Bachelors in Architecture in 2010, from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, and is currently enrolled in Masters in Advanced Architectural Design at NED University. She is a Treasurer at the Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP), and a full-time lecturer at Dawood University.  





Touseef Memon (Architect - Field Manager)
Bachelors in Architecture, 2012, from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. Currently involved in collecting field data from various parts of Sindh. His past experience includes working with Heritage Foundation for 15 months in which he managed field research, and data recording of Makli, Thatta. He has also worked as a Field Surveyor in a collaborative program between Sindh Culture and Antiquity Department and AACHEN University, Germany.    






Mariam Hanif (Architect - Junior Architect)
Marium Hanif graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan in 2017. Marium strongly believes that good design should be informed by environmental conditions and programmatic needs, which is reflective in her thesis design which advocates rethinking public educational buildings to stimulate human imagination towards scientific and artistic ends.  





Past Employees

  • Arch. Ali Raza - 2016-2018
  • Arch. Yumna Javed - 2015-2016
  • Arch. Huzefah Haroon - 2015
  • Arch. Abdul Malik - 2012-2014
  • Arch. Tahir Baloch - 2014-2015
  • Arch. Ishaque Shar- 2013-2015