The Mendoza Building

The Mendoza Building in Aram Bagh Quarter | Copyright Marvi Mazhar & Associates

Written by Shaheen Nauman, Researcher at HWK, PCCC, Project Coordinator HWK

The Mendoza Building on Arambagh Road is an abandoned and neglected stone masonry building, one of its kind in the area with amazing architectural ornamentation. It has been built with Gizri sandstone. It has beautiful arched windows, stone columns supporting the jharoka styled balconies, two crowns with the roundels in front elevation. It also has a gable roof, which cannot be seen from the street.

We do not know the history of Mendoza building, ‘‘ When was it built? What was it original name’’? Mendoza building got its name from the pharmaceutical Company Chas A. Mendoza as it was operating on the ground floor.

This building was one of the 25 sites listed on 2018 World Monument Watch List, founded and supported by the American Express. It brings a call of action for the threats, heritage sites are facing or opportunities for protection, conservation and engagement.